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Races and events

We have two major annual events, 3sjøersløpet and the Stavanger Marathon. In addition, the club has been responsible for the throwing carousel in recent years. We also organize other small events on the track, which are approved and posted on minidrett.

Stavanger Marathon

On the last Saturday in August, there’s a folk festival in central Stavanger. Our trails run along lakes and fjords. The surface is a wonderful combination of asphalt and gravel. Whether you want to run long or short, we have a distance for you. Choose between kids’ race, 5 km, half marathon, marathon and marathon relay.

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3-Sjøersløpet is one of Norway’s most enjoyable events to take part in. Experience the excitement as thousands of people head out for a run. Follow one of our many skilled pacesetters. They help you maintain the right pace during the race so you can reach your goal. The trail is both varied and beautiful. Join us on a sightseeing tour of some of the best Stavanger has to offer. Out on the trail, there are lots of people, flags and music. This simply has to be experienced.

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Box carousels

The throwing carousel is held regularly at Stavanger Stadium during the summer months. Participants sign up at the start. A low-threshold offer for both competition and training. This is a good arena for good results and personal records.

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Box carousels

Box carousels

The throwing carousel is held at Stavanger Stadium in the summer and Stavanger Idrettshall in the winter. Participants sign up at the start. This is a good arena for beginners, good results and personal records. Experienced throwers provide expert guidance for those who want it.

Our own world champion (2019) in javelin, for veterans – Marius Gannsen (pictured) is usually one of the participants in the throwing carousel!

Here are the results from the throwing carousels arranged so far. Keep an eye on the schedule for dates for the next throwing carousel. Welcome!

Blue run

Blue run

Blue races means that the club refunds the entry fee if you color the races blue by
dressing in club uniform and signing up with your club name.
Each semester, SU selects local races as blue races to support local clubs and organizers. Applies to fully paying members who volunteer at least once a year.

Fill out the form for travel support after the event. and attach a receipt, both in pdf. Reimbursement is normally paid within one working week and at the latest within one month.

Spring/summer 2024Travel support form

Join the tour

Become a member


Every year, many members travel to a selected event.

Joint tours in GTI are traditionally scheduled in the fall. It is the Sports Committee that chooses the trip. Emphasis is placed on member survey, accessibility, distances.
The annual meeting decides in the budget whether and how much the club sponsors in travel support.

Travel support and compensation in GTI Friidrettsklubb (hereinafter referred to as GTI)
Revised decision from the Board 16.04 2018.

– Financial support requires volunteer efforts at Stavanger Marathon and 3 Sjøers and/or other club events.
– Support is provided up to kr. 4000,- per person. performer per year. year including participation fee and travel support.
– You can apply to SU for support beyond this, which will then recommend a decision to the Board of Directors.
– Criteria for travel support/participation fee for GTI members in connection with events.
– A prerequisite for travel support is that the full membership fee is paid and that the athlete represents GTI.

If the athlete also represents their employer, travel support is not applicable.

Travel support

– Travel support of up to kr. 500,- per athlete for documented actual expenses in connection with events in Rogaland.
– Travel support of up to kr. 2000,- per athlete for documented actual expenses in connection with events outside Rogaland.

Participation in the following events forms the basis for travel support, unless GTI is the organizer:
– NM/Nordic
– Featured event of the year
– Special achievements
– Approved by the Sports Committee Participation fee/ Entry fee

GTI covers entry fees in the following events, unless GTI is the organizer:
– KM
– KM terrain
– NM
– Nordic
– EM
– VM

Featured Event
By the end of November of the current year, SU will select the events that form the basis for travel support and support for participation fees for the coming year.
– Support for participation fees only applies to selected local events.
– This is to create a social framework in GTI and strengthen GTI’s visibility at local
– The Board determines the size of the grant on the recommendation of SU.
– Approval from the head of SU or the Board of Directors before payment is made.
– Travel invoice with receipt should be sent to the club secretary at mail post@gti-
– Applications should preferably be submitted in advance, but applications can also be submitted afterwards.
– Support will only be paid upon completion of participation and receipt of travel expenses with

Form for travel support